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Waxing and hair removal


Waxing is the temporary removal of unwanted body hair from the root. Almost any area of the body can be waxed, with results lasting anywhere between 3-6 weeks. Skin benefits of waxing include improving skin texture, no cuts and stubble- free skin. Over time hair growth can become softer with results lasting longer. Results are accomplished using Honey wax or Hot wax for the more intimate female areas enabling the experience to be as pain free and comfortable as possible. Please remember to allow sufficient time for hair growth before scheduling an appointment and to specify the type of wax required. 



Eyebrow waxing- £6.50

Upper lip waxing - £6.50

Chin wax - £6.50

Side of face wax - £6.50

Full face wax - £19.50

Underarm waxing- £11.00 using honey wax £14.00 using hot wax

Forearm wax - £15.50

Fullarm wax - £20.50

Half leg wax - £17.50

3/4 leg wax - £22.50

Full leg wax - £26.00

Standard bikini wax - £11  (a tidy around the edges- removing hair outside of a modest pant line)

Extended bikini wax - £15.50 ( taking a standard wax further inward but not including intimate areas or buttock)

Brazillian or Hollywood waxing- £28.50 using honey wax £34.00 using hot wax (leaving a landing strip or removing all pubic hair)

Chest waxing priced from £22.00

Back waxing priced from £22.00

Mens Intimate waxing available with Samia Laats- please contact her direct using the meet the team page for bookings.


Points to note:

  • Avoid moisturising on the day of your wax and exfoliate the day before your scheduled appointment to remove dead skin and loosen any existing ingrown hairs. 

  • Timing is everything- most women are more sensitive right before and during their period so try and avoid these times. 

  • After your waxing, avoid exposing your newly smooth skin to the sun, pool or anything considered as heat.

  • After a week or so gently exfoliate the waxed areas to help prevent ingorn hairs. your therapist will advise how often to do so.  

Electrolysis- A safe and effective method of hair removal and reduction. The electrolysis device destroys the growth center of the hair using heat energy activated once a very fine probe has been inserted into the hair follicle. The hair id them removed using tweezers. 

Up to 10 minutes £13

Up to 30 minutes £30.50

Please feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation should you require any further information of a patch test for skin sensitivity. 

Advanced electrolysis for the removal of red veins, skin tags and skin lesions available with Carrie Sumner- contactable on our meet the team page. 

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