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Spray tanning- a fine mist applied to your body by a specially trained therapist. The temporary effect generally lasts between 5-7 days and is completely safe for your skin ( just remember it doesn't provide any uv protection). The results achieved from spray tanning are fantastic and suitable for all- from the palest of skins to the darkest. Your therapist will discuss the depth of tan required on the day and for those of you with skin sensitivities please pop in for a patch test before hand.


Sienna X spray tanning- an award winning selection of spray tan solutions formulated with highest quality, vegan friendly ingredients. Designed to nourish the skin whilst this luxurious tan develops- sienna x remains one of the most popular tans across the market - £28.50  Full body £16.50 Legs only



St tropez spray tanning - all liquids are free from artificial preservatives and parabens and contain naturally derived, unique tanning formulas for longer lasting- natural looking results. The solutions have a plesant scent and develop to complement your natural pigment (no orange tans here) - £28.50 £16.50 Legs only

Professional Manual Application Tan- this treatment consists of an exfoliation and targeted moisturising to prepare your skin prior to the self tanning lotion being applied. A more pampering experience for those with a little more time - £44.00

Handy hints and tips:

  • Exfoliate and shave 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment ( waxing 48 hours prior). 

  • Turn up for your appointment make-up, deodorant and tan free

  • Bring loose, dark clothing- nothing that may rub the tan off

  • Do not moisturise the day of your tan- we will do all the preparation work for you. 

  • Be prepared to leave the tan to develop for 8 hours- staying fry is a must so no exercise.

  • The more moisturised you keep your skin the longer your tan can last, and remember as it fades make sure you exfoliate to ensure no patches remain. 

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