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Dermalogica facials


Here at The Retreat you will find highly qualified skin therapists dedicated  achieving real results. We have two Expert Dermalogica therapists currently working with us. 

A Dermalogica skin treatment is specific to each clients needs and is designed uniquely for them. Each professional treatment beguns with Dermalogicas unique face mapping in which we analyze the skin in depth and design a treatment which can be different each time.

The results achieved with a Dermalogica skin treatment are unlike no other- you'll see your skin glowing, more luminous, hydrated and quite honestly the best skin you have ever had. 

Alongside fantastic products we are now able to incorporate Bio- therapeutics award winning technologies to enhance the results even further. Our equipment line up include the microsonic cleansing brush and skin identification hydration analyzer. 

We stock the full range of Dermalogica products in the salon- make sure your following us on social media to keep up to date with promotions and offers. 



Pro skin 30- looking for a high impact treatment with a shorter appointment time? This intensive 30 minute treatment targets your most pressing skin concern. Combining key steps and enhancing with bio therapeutic technology we are able to provide visible results fast £26.00


Pro skin 60- the ultimate 60 minute treatment customised to target all of your skins needs leaving your skin radiant and glowing. Incorporating results- intensifying technology, experience dramatic results in a secluded and tranquil environment £46.00


Pro power peel- Dermalogicas strongest and fastest peel yet. With the option of three different peels we are able to tailor each treatment to your skin needs leaving you with instantly rejuvenated and refreshed skin. A pro power peel 30 treatment includes a deep cleanse, peel and intense moisturising. The pro power peel 60 includes all 30 stages but with the addition of relaxation stages including masque and massage. After care products are provided to ensure your skin remains protected and hydrated after your treatment. 

30- £50.00

60- £75.00

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